Blokkology Super Blitz has just been released! New features are a level creation mode and a handy practise mode. Also added is an increase in speed so players can set extremely low times on the leader board...

Blokkology Super Blitz for iPhone/iPad

Blokkology Super Blitz for Android

Blokkology Blitz is also available on Android and iPhone!
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You can play Blokkology Blitz on your computer HERE. Remember to tweet your hi scores to @BlokkologyBlitz!

We've just added a live online leaderboard where top times can be submitted. Currently this option is available on Android only, but we are working on getting it to iPhone soon.
View some Hiscores...

Blokkology Savant is an advanced version of Blokkology designed for those who like an extra challenge. Give it a go!
App Store (Full version)
App Store (Lite version)
Android (Full version)
Android (Lite version)
You can also play on your desktop here

We've had an enormous amount of App Store downloads of the original Blokkology since its release a few months ago. If you haven't yet played it, here are some download links...
App Store (Full version)
App Store (Lite version)
Android (Full version)
Android (Lite version)
Or play on your desktop here

Many thanks to the folks at PowerSlyde for featuring Blokkology in their 'Stories behind the apps'. You can read about it here

The GottaSolveIt blog has posted their review of Blokkology Lite.

It's a collection of the most popular and challenging puzzle game apps available. So if you're looking for an addictive game to pass the time on a long train journey, or you just want a fresh challenge - check out the blog for More.

ThinkIndie is another great site dedicated to independent games developers.

Click to read their review

Not got a smartphone or tablet? Not to worry - you can play a number of ways. Below are some links for different operating systems:

Web Browser


Mac OS X


Picture Puzzles

Note: All install files are zipped with WinRar. If you don't have WinRar or any other unzipping programs installed you can get it here for free:


How To Play:

Blokkology - The first 10 levels ***Spoiler Video***

  • 250 Levels
  • Play up to 9 tiles
  • Expert difficulty
  • Extremely addictive
  • Conquer the Blocks!

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