Blokkology Super Blitz has just been released! New features are a level creation mode and a handy practise mode. Also added is an increase in speed so players can set extremely low times on the leader board...

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Blokkology Blitz/Super Blitz Hi Scores

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Level 1

1Ethan Blocher-Smith 1 min 14 sec
2Declan Moffet1 min 35 sec
3Keith Jacobs3 min 26 sec
4Cathy Clarke6 min 54 sec
5Javier Torres7 min 23 sec

Level 2

1Rajesh Masand9 min 3 sec
2Joanne jacobs9 min 28 sec
3Greg11 min 10 sec
4bingo byrne13 min 47 sec
5Freddy16 min 16 sec

Level 3

1Dave Hendry15 min 58 sec
2Terry22 min 3 sec
3Graeme Hall25 min 45 sec
4Greg28 min 22 sec
5Javier Torres29 min 29 sec

Level 4

1Paolo Carelli15 min 43 sec
2Simon Sheridan16 min 5 sec
3Freddy19 min 49 sec
4BearJG23 min 41 sec
5FaZZZ25 min 56 sec

Level 5

1Simon Sheridan23 min 35 sec
2Freddy27 min 3 sec
3Ramon G27 min 41 sec
4FaZZZ31 min 18 sec
5567_Bobby35 min 22 sec

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