• Start on any square
• Be able to reach any end square
• Use all or some of your selection (in any order)
• What is the least number of tiles needed?
• What are those tiles?

Still not sure how it works?

Blokkology is a simple game where the player must reach a target square using the numbered tiles given. In the actual game these tiles must be used in order.

In this teaser however you may mix up the order of the tiles to reach your goal. In the example to the right you can see all possible moves using the tiles '2' and '3' (in any order). You may use one tile, or two, or as many as you require.
There is a minimum number of tiles needed in order to be confident of reaching any square from any starting point.

How many moves/tiles are needed and what are they?


'The Blokkology Problem' was first posted on Oct 20th 2014 and in less than 5 days we received mathematical proof that a minimum of 6 moves are indeed required to be confident of reaching every square from any starting position.

Will Erickson contacted us with the following proof which should be of great interest to maths fans!


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