On behalf of the Blokkology team we would like to congratulate Ethan Blocher-Smith of Indiana USA for being the first person ever to manage to complete level 250 of Blokkology Pro.

Ethan can now add 'Certified Blokkologist' to his long list of achievements.

Here's Ethan with the winning Oskkar trophy!

NameDate CompletedNationality:
Ethan Blocher-SmithJuly 4th 2014Indiana USA
Alexis JacobJuly 10th 2014France
Tina CooperAugust 28th 2014UK
Michael PhilipsOct 7th 2014Ireland
Jenny ChurchillJan 14th 2016Canada

Have you got what it takes to join our Blokkology Hall of Fame? In the short time of release only three four people have managed to complete all 250 levels of Blokkology Pro. Send your level 250 solution to blokkology @gmail.com and if correct we will add your name to our exclusive winners roster!


On 19th January 2016 Ethan Blocher-Smith managed to complete Blokkology Savant. This is a phenomenal achievement considering the complexity of this game.

Take a look at some of Ethan's notes on the game...

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